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The Healing Clinic assists qualified patients in obtaining a Medical Cannabis Registration Card which permits them to purchase, possess, and use medical marijuana in the state of Illinois. They provide a safe, professional, and state-compliant facility where qualified patients can be seen by compassionate doctors in a comfortable, and non-judgmental setting. They also provide patients with medical marijuana patient advocacy services. Each patient is assigned a Patient Advocate who will help make the application process a little easier and will also be available to answer questions about the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program. The Healing Clinics advocates will provide patients with the most up to date and comprehensive information about the law and their rights as registered patients. They realize the responsibility that they have, being on the forefront of this movement, to educate both qualifying patients and the public about the therapeutic and palliative benefits of medical marijuana. By promoting cannabis awareness through their educational services, they hope to eliminate the stigma attached to using marijuana for medicinal purposes. The Healing Clinic will be the first to provide advocacy, education, and certification for qualifying cannabis patients in Illinois.

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